Kissing Boys in Photobooths.

The eternal quest.

A Quick Cornish Adventure.

This week was a very busy week work wise although I was lucky enough to be part of the lucky few from work who got an overnight trip to Cornwall. I haven’t spent much time in the English countryside so I was very excited to head down to Cornwall. The lengthy car ride there was not as bad as expected and I spent most of it laughing or lip syncing/performing for the fellow commuters on the road. After we arrived we set out on a few work related excursions and met a few lovely four legged friends in before and after states.
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After our day of excursions we ventured to our glamping campsite. Which was AMAZING!!!! The tents all resembled that of a circus marquee and inside had beds and furniture. We also had a main tent with a bar which we stocked immediately, a box of rather interesting dress ups and multiple games. Outside we started a campfire and had some amazing cornish produce over the fire for dinner and proceeded to then drink copious amounts of alcohol. We spent the evening dancing and laughing and it was such a great positive time. In the morning we were up early, I was fed coffee in bed (naturally) and then headed down to the water for some surfing. I think my Australian heritage came into play because I was a SUPERSTAR! After spending a few hours splashing around with our big surfboards we ducked into the town centre for a Cornish Pasty and then ventured home. All in all it was a short, sweet little trip where I was lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful new friends and strengthen my new bonds with them. I’m so grateful I was able to go on this little english adventure.

Little L

It’s been almost two months since I’ve posted
but what a two months it has been.
I’ve spent the past two months back in London getting on my feet
and about two weeks ago felt like everything was finally in a good stable place.
It’s so amazing being back in the city and this time I’m feeling good about
being alone. I have my new place, new job, new friends and new career
paths that I’m exploring.

I’ve spent the past two months not only re-adjusting my life and getting
everything in order but also just enjoying myself and having some me time.
I’ve been taking class a lot, basking in the beautiful summer London weather
(usually in the park with a few too many beverages) and catching up with
old friends but also forging new relationships with new ones.
I’ve also picked up a few dance gigs here and there which is not only
good for the wallet but also keeping me in the scene and keeping
things moving where I can whilst juggling a new job.

I’m so content at where I am and what I’m doing and I’m feeling
super excited about everything that is coming my way and also
so happy at where I am. I can now enjoy the rest of the summer back into
a normal routine and have some fun in the sunshine whilst I’m at it.


And it’s done

It’s almost surreal that I walked up a crowded bus today leant over chairs and said goodbye to the most important people in my for the past 9 months. These people have been with me when I suffered terrible heartbreak, when I was down and when I just needed to vent which was often. As much as I was ready to leave and was so eager too I’m going to miss the little things.
Knocking on Kristen’s door every two seconds to vent
Jessie’s ridiculous southern accent
Rachels complaints
Alexa’s laugh
Lexi asking for another photo
That annoying sound Sal makes when he DJ’s
Pedro speaking in Spanish when he first wakes up
Cameron’s gopro
Stanley’s Voice nights
Danielle’s vodka Mio’s
Stephanie and Isaac’s understanding of one another
Shaun’s Margaritas
and how annoyingly beautiful Tanya and Andrei are….erghhhh
P1120777 P1120812

You all made this cynical man very happy and I will never forget all of you.
Stay beautiful, stay safe, stay sane and stay friends.

*Fart noise*

5 days left with these very interesting people onboard.
I’m so excited to leave but so thankful for the cast I got to experience. You were the strangest, funniest and most interesting group of people I’ve worked with in a while. Also known as the United Nations we have been together since September. I shared my birthday, Christmas and New Years with them all just to name a few plus, our own versions of international holidays heavily revolving around drinking. It’s been such a great few months and provided me with what I needed at this time last year
An escape
It’s been good you pack of fools.

Give me your wallet.

Into the wind

This last week is going to be epic.
Lots of beers and lots of memories to be made.
I’m throwing my hands up and just enjoying what little time we all have together. Life is too short to be worried about drama.


Two weeks today and I’ll be boarding a flight to London. I’m so excited to get back there and throw myself into the chaotic lifestyle of a struggling artist. With only two weeks left I feel everything is coming together quite well and every time I accomplish something I write to my mother as if I’m proud of all the adult things I’m doing. I apologise Jude if they are annoying.
The next two weeks I’m sure will be filled of beaches, beers and making lifelong memories with people who’s paths I may never cross again. Working in this industry and with myself working on so many contracts in various places there are people you spend everyday with and then never speak to again. Really the only thing keeping you two together was work. It’s weird and in a way kind of sad but I’m sure I’ll come away from this contract with a few lifelong friends.
In the nearing of the end I’m trying to film a different array of videos showcasing my choreography and style. Recently we’ve thrown together a small combo with the whole dancer cast and were rehearsing after my class the other night. I threw some of the rough rehearsal footage together as I thought it looked cool and the group is so nice to watch when they are just dancing and not thinking too much. This week we will hopefully film the piece in its entirety but until then here is a little snippet of what we do.

High kicks and Higher hopes.

Every night I use to pray I would find my people and finally I did.

Dancing with these people is inspiring as lame is sounds, as much as I yelled this night, as picky as I was; this is what we do. This is our expression and it’s epic.

I am fucking crazy, but I am free
– Lana Del Ray



Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, Talent.

Sacrificial tributes.

This week was our jungle themed party hosted by our division onboard. Well the cast went BALLS TO THE WALL with costumes and we deserved a pat on the back. We had a safari rangers, witch doctors, tribal queens, warriors and various victims of what looked like wild animal attacks.
The night had its dramatic moments which always make for good reality TV but all in all I had so much fun and enjoyed the next day on the beach with a little silly hangover.
P1120550 P1120568 P1120575 P1120586 P1120598 P1120606

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.

Dr. Seuss

Why are you calling?

This week we ventured to Blue Hole in Jamaica. We scored a very good deal outside the port with a small group of us and ventured off in our little bus with our slab of beer to this unbelievable paradise.
The pictures don’t even do justice to how surreal the location was. Freshwater natural pools with running waterfalls you could walk down and jump off, caves we swam through or climbed into through small crevases and also ropes to swing off into the water. The water itself was so crisp and clear and came almost as a surprise to us with usually expecting salt water. The company was fantastic and we spent the whole day with beaming smiles on.




This week went so quickly and as I always say draws me closer to the end which I’m looking forward to so much. Last night however I received an unwelcome call around 3:30am which I was not expecting at all. As I had been drinking and was asleep I hung up the phone before I said something rude or insulting which would be the most likely thing to happen at that hour in the morning. I have a lot on my mind now and I just hope the phone doesn’t ring again.